Energy of the Day March 20 2017

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Energy of the Day March 20 2017

Astrological Vibrations March 20 2017 HAPPY ASTROLOGICAL NEW YEAR! Sun into Aries, Moon in Sagittarius Conjunct Saturn, Moon into Capricorn, Sun Square Moon, Moon Square Venus

OM BHAVAM NAMAH! I am absolute existence! Here we are in Aries, the beginning of a new cycle… new year’s day astro wise! Aries is the sign of I AM! Aries comes running in and dives head first into that which stirs the passion. As this is a new beginning, the point just before inhale and go, this is an opportunity to set the vibrational energy for this next cycle. How you do you want to be, do, vibrate, buzz through this next cycle? You get to choose… Every day… but begin this cycle knowing who you are! I feel like this cycle of Aries will have us breaking through, rebelling against the old conditioning and projections we have held onto.. those are all illusions of control. It’s not about purposely pushing against those things.. It’s about choosing what is your alignment.. this may even mean going beyond who you THINK you want to be.. that still may be the illusion of control.. getting deeper into who you actually are! This can be a deep process…even Aries can go deep.
Now immediately, Aries style, we are going to be tested as the Moon shifts into Capricorn and begins to set off the Cardinal t-square energy again… Capricorn is flaring up to show you where you still may need to release the projection of those old conditions and illusion of control. Your light can not be contained.. often this is through worth stuff and as the Moon Squares Venus retrograde, we may have to show up on another level to know our worth. Om Bhavam Namah… you are absolute existence! You are King/Queen.. shine your light and lead your I am as such!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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