Seraphina’s Touch (Deanna Riley)

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Seraphina’s Touch (Deanna Riley)


I’m a schnoodle mom to Shelby, who keeps my Inner Child happy. I’m a crystal queen and I love creating healing jewelry to support my tribe! I’ve been a tech girl since Atlantis & Seraphina was my name then. I researched then, and now, to create tools to keep us high vibe. I’m obsessed with natural living and love essential oils, plant based eating and minimalism. I’m authentic and passionate about supporting and uplifting the divine feminine. I’m a wise soul and loyal friend who has been where you are at.

I believe that we came here, at this time, for a reason. To change the world! I believe that we all have an individual purpose that connects to a universal purpose. My individual purpose is to empower you to unwrap YOUR individual purpose. I believe that it starts with discovering who you really are. Once you connect with who you really are, your individual purpose will unfold, allowing you to put it in motion and effect change in others. This is what leads to the revolution we are here for, that universal purpose, that builds one person at a time!

My desire is to connect with my tribe in an authentic, fun and passionate way and to provide them with the tools that they need to discover who they truly are and what their purpose is.

10 years ago I woke up to the question “Why Am I Here?”. I just could not believe that I was going through life struggles for no reason! Today I understand that there was and is a reason! I have tried a lot of things over the years and have found that simple, natural tools and products have been the most instrumental things in helping me become who I am today, the bridge between mainstream and woo. Living my purpose, on purpose!



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