August 22 2017 SUN INTO VIRGO

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August 22 2017 SUN INTO VIRGO

Astrological Vibrations August 22 2017 Moon in Virgo Conjunct Mercury, Mars Trine Saturn, Moon Opposite Neptune, SUN INTO VIRGO, Moon Trine Pluto

WELCOME TO VIRGO! The Sun will shift from Leo into Virgo at 3:20 pm pacific time. Bridging the energy from the divine love practice of Sun in Leo, into wholeness aligning us with holiness with Sun in Virgo. The energy mantras for this shift are Aham Prema – I am divine love and Aham Brahmasmi – I am the universe! Before the shift, we are at 29 degrees Leo… activating the energy of the solar eclipse that was downloaded and working through the process of opening and implementing the energies that came in with this. In order to dig into the wholeness/holiness energies of Sun in Virgo! Take your heart with you!
The Sun is joining the Moon in Virgo, bringing focus to this earth energy. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and has a strong mental component to its energy, but in some Astrology theories, Virgo is co-ruled by Chiron which feeds into the strong physical and healing side of Virgo energy. In the melding of the 2, we come into this wholeness that we will be exploring through this transit. Virgo energy connects to the body, to healing, to being of service (human being!). So often Virgo energy gets connected to critical energy, but that is just using the energy of focus in a hyper vigilant version of this energy. I do connect the focus and healing energy to that of like Jesus where you can see the beauty, wholeness, perfection in what is, instead of what it should be. This is where the highest essence of healing comes from. There will be healing energy that comes as we allow our focus to resonate with the energy of wholeness – body, mind, spirit, soul!
The Moon already in Virgo is supporting this process as it connects with multiple energies through the day. Revelations will be unfolding from this eclipse energy as the Moon in Virgo connects with Mercury (interestingly some pictures of the eclipsed Sun, show Mercury hanging out, watching closely the process to bring revelations as it retrogrades back to the eclipse degree! There is more to come!) Between this connection and a connection with Neptune, there may be a deeper spiritual understanding coming forth from this energy. Moon Trine Pluto brings the energies that need to shift to help us hone this focus.
FINALLY, Mars Trine Saturn… oh this connection feels really good to me. Saturn finishing up retrograde in Sagittarius… helping us define our truth, what we believe and move forward passionately in that direction. This transit calls you to be true to the fire inside of you. Show up and own your truth!


take a moment and dedicate it to wholeness

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