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Astrological Vibrations August 25 2017 SATURN DIRECT!!! Moon in Libra Square Pluto, Moon Conjunct Jupiter, Moon Sextile Saturn, Moon Sextile Mars, Venus into LEO, Moon Conjunct Uranus

SATURN DIRECT! Saturn has been retrograde since April 6, taking us deep into looking at our beliefs and truths. This process has helped us sort through distortions given to us as truths by those in the position of authority! This will be an ongoing process, as we move forward from the lessons we have learned over this retrograde period of 4 1/2 months! There are a few things to consider now that Saturn is going direct… The process never ends. Retrograde is a time of turning within, but even as we move forward, it is important to take with us what we learned from the time we took tuning in. We are like universes, always in expansion mode, always growing up, not being the grown up. We never get it done… So don’t settle into these truths without continuing to ask yourself, “What do I believe? Why do I believe it?” This will help you continue through this process of your personal universe expansion! Finally… Remember that just because someone puts themselves in a position of authority and seems to know the right words to say, does not make them an authority.. And even if they are, if it doesn’t resonate with your inner authority, then you do not have to accept it as your truth! Utilizing this process with Saturn direct will only serve you in continued maturity and releasing the old conditions!
Venus is spending the last day in Cancer at 29 degrees, increasing the need for self care, self nurturing. It is from this place that we can be shiny and confident in expressing ourselves as Venus moves into Leo! I will get more into that transit tomorrow.. Just remember when Venus makes the shift, initially it can feel a lil wonky. This is just another excuse to deepen into your self care work!
Besides these things, we have the Moon in Libra working our balance. I think this energy works with Saturn Direct. One of the areas many of us have inbalance is in the energy of the yang. We can not be fully powerful and integrated until we can realize and utilize the softness in the power of the yang. The healing card came up again today.. this time upright, asking us to take into account the feelings that we are feeling through all of this. This is part of breaking through the patriarchal energies…engaging in the softness that is powerful. The Moon in Libra will work with Saturn and then with Mars almost conjunct North Node. This is part of doing right by your soul. Getting into your truth and having the strength to hold it and then the softness to allow it. Moon Square Pluto and later conjunct Uranus help bring the essences of change that we need to help us integrate all these lessons.

take a moment and dedicate it to your expansion

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