August 26 2017 VENUS IN LEO

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August 26 2017 VENUS IN LEO

Astrological Vibrations August 26 2017 VENUS INTO LEO, Moon into Scorpio, Moon Square Venus, Sun Sextile Moon, Moon Sextile Mercury

Venus into Leo! Time to turn up the sunshine of your love! This will be a rather fast transit, but is just helping us as we focus, attune and align with our wholeness and holiness with Sun in Virgo! Venus bringing the energy to help us share our love through creative expression! “Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” – Rumi Your creativity may have a substantial upswing over these next 3 weeks! The other energy that this brings forth is a deeper connection to love, as the planet of love connects to the sign of the heart. I read somewhere, someone saying, don’t fall in love with love.. and while I do get that.. I think that just a distortion of love… This is an opportunity to RISE in love.. and if you are falling in love with love, it’s time to realize that this love that you are falling in with, is the love that you are creating WITHIN yourself. It may be brought on by an energy outside yourself, but it IS in fact, your very own self love rising to the occasion. Keep rising in that love, but realize, it truly is an inside job inspired by.. whatever is inspiring the sunshine of your love!
We also have Moon shifting into Scorpio. Tune into your root chakra… We will be soon diving into a transit that will be highlighting our root chakra for a year.. take this opportunity to get a jump on this energy. Shine the sunshine of your love into the root to see where the fears and insecurities of being still keep you from fully grounding and rooting into this earth experience. Sun, Moon and Mercury will all be connecting at 3 degrees today. Virgo, Scorpio.. this is a VERY rooted and grounded connection. Listen in to your needs. Connecting and rooting in will help you in this wholeness work. There may be some more revelations that come through as you tune in. This will shift to 4 degrees, the first revolution evolution energy of Sun in Virgo… If or when the triggers come up, hold space for the expansion and evolution process that are happening with them. Don’t get caught in the discomfort, ask to see the higher vision!
Just a reminder! Saturn went direct! Whee! You can watch yesterday’s scope for more info about that!


take a moment and dedicate it to the sunshine of your love

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