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Astrological Vibrations August 7 2017 FULL MOON PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE AQUARIUS, Moon Opposite Mars, Moon Trine Jupiter, Moon Sextile Saturn

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! The Full Moon reaches it’s peak at 11:11 am pacific time with the peak of the lunar eclipse right after it! Eclipse energy is a powerful time of endings and new beginnings and shifts in consciousness. It’s an opportunity to see the shadow in the physical, which can illuminate our consciousness. What causes the eclipse is the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. The space and shadow between 2 illumined energies. The illumined Sun in Leo is taking us on the joy path into our creativity, inner child and ultimately the love process – deeper into the heart. The illumined Moon in Aquarius is lighting up our divine mind, the collective consciousness of humanity and in our individual self, our authentic vibration we came to bring to the world.. and in the space between… There is the shadow, and there is the place we can work on bringing some clarity and release through this powerful Full Moon Eclipse energy. Are you aware of the energy between your heart and your mind and any distortion that may be in that space keeping you from uniting those energies into your soul consciousness? This eclipse can bring forth these energies so we can process and release them. Now the Sun in this energy is the focus of a wide yod with Pluto and Neptune feeding in.. both of these energies are linked to the past and are supporting by bringing up any of the shadows in the past to be illuminated and released. Trust your flow in this. Trust what is coming up to be processed. Tune into the vibrations and sort by the process yum or yuck..and any of the yucks that you come to… connect them with joy, love and bless what can be blessed and released. This is a powerful time and it is setting us up for the Full Solar Eclipse in 2 weeks.
Noticing the shadow is just another opportunity for awareness and clarity about yourself. The other connections through the day are also supporting this process. Moon connecting to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn has us working our divine mind consciousness. Mars at 11 degrees reminds us to keep moving passionately (and with joy) into that which stirs our heart, stirs the joy. Jupiter brings in that process of self love..and what is self love beyond accepting, loving, nurturing all parts of ourselves.. even the shadow parts we’ve hidden away. Saturn represents the old beliefs that it’s time to release.. a big one in and through this process is the belief we have to be everything to everyone.. You came to be you.. it will be through you being you.. authentic in your vibrations that you will save the world.. because you will be doing the part you came to do. You do not have to do everything.. just do you. I think this may be an important part of the shadow many of us can release through this energy.

For More check out our GPS that we did for the week ahead Talking Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde!

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  1. I want to see it I live in Richmond Indiana

    • well you may be able to watch it online but you will definitely be seeing the solar eclipse later this month 🙂

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