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Half-way Across the Bridge of Life

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I know I’m not the first to turn 50. People do it every day and you probably don’t give it a second thought. But when it’s you personally that’s turning 50. Hitting the BIG FIVE O The half-century mark. 50 years experienced at living. Suddenly it becomes a little more important.   Curious thing turning 50. You lose a few things. You lose the youth, the body starts aging and you notice that and start fighting back (although sometimes its a bit too late, but you try dammit, you try!! 😉 ) You lose the spontaneity You lose the willingness to put up with other people’s silly drama and better yet, your own drama You lose the ‘cares’ as in you don’t care about what others think or believe about you You lose the willingness to sit down and shut up.  Hell, you’ve lived...

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learning to F.L.Y.

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Valentines Day. February 14th. Such a loaded holiday (if you can call it a holiday) So loaded that many of us are plunged into thoughts of unworthiness and unloveableness by the mere sight of all the heart-shaped candy boxes, pink heart balloons and saccharine sweet cards declaring undying love that burst into the store aisles the day after New Years.   Loaded with expectations set so high by the mass media that no one will ever meet them.  Come on girls, who hasn’t wanted to barf when they hear the jingle, Every Kiss Begins with Kay (unless if you’re one of the women that actually get a piece of jewelry from Kay, then I tip my hat to you).   Loaded with assumptions about what is or is not an appropriate gift that it clouds our ability to receive the love that we...

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Always Double Tap

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Maybe it’s just me, but 2013 just won’t seem to die.  Not the actual year itself, that passed in usual fanfare in my household, watching odd shows like The Venture Brothers and Futurama and actually staying awake to see the midnight re-play of the New York Rocking Eve’s Ball Drop (sorry Ryan Seacrest you’re cute but you’re no Dick Clark). I’m talking about the energy of 2013. During those last days of December, I felt so energized and pumped for the new year – renewed and empowered and excited about stepping away from my past inhibitions and limitations into the true and unabashed expression of me, ready to embrace the fresh possibilities that 2014 promised as it stretched before me in the shiny and optimistic distance. But something got hung up in the...

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Find Yourself Here

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The other night I was messing around on my computer and I look down and see the slogan below. Right after I moved here, I bought a California Tourist magazine to get ideas for places to go and that logo/byline was in the bottom corner of it.  Never noticed it until just then. That’s been happening a lot lately for me. The right message at the right time; The right book; The right saying; All presented to me to lead me down Drue’s Path of Self-Knowing.   My message from the YouNiverse was Clear as Day. California: find yourself here. and my immediate response was Yes.  Yes I have.   As many of you know, I picked up and moved this year from Omaha NE to Antioch CA (SF East Bay). No easy feat I admit.  I’ve moved cross-country twice before so I completely understood...

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I Survived “The Nothing” and I Got This Awesome T-Shirt!!

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Okay, I don’t know about you, but the last two weeks have been just…I don’t know…weird. The solar eclipse on November 3rd was subtle but powerful. I knew it was approaching and prepared for it.  With Mercury being retrograde and Scorpio being my IC and my natal Neptune hanging out there too, it’s all been muck and mire lately, digging up some uglies that I had to face, yet I understood that it would be a shift point for me.  I wasn’t sure how it would manifest or what would shift, so I just waited to see what happened. I had some great insights that weekend and the day of the Eclipse about Love and a situation that I’d been mulling over for close to a month but other than that, no great epiphanies occurred.  It was almost a non-event. (bummer)...

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