Blue Moon Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Leo January 31 2018

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Blue Moon Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Leo January 31 2018

Ahh this eclipse is just about upon us with all the beautiful wisdom that comes with eclipse energy. I have been talking about this energy as bridging consciousness with the energy of the heart… but there is something more to tap into in the shadows of the blood moon! The strength and mastery of our soul, of our authentic vibration, that comes when we listen and honor the vulnerability of the heart. 
This is the key to mastery in this eclipse energy… finding, honoring, working with, the vulnerability of the heart. This is how change will be made, and bridges burned in and through this energy…

The eclipse reaches its peak at 5:31 am PST on January 31 2018. The Full Moon reaches its peak of fullness at 5:27 am PST. Mercury will shift into Aquarius at 5:39 am PST, so this day is filled with energy! This Blood Moon Blue Moon energy connects us to the energies of Red and Blue and into the consciousness of purple…

And let me tell you, mastery is important at this time as Mercury shifts into Aquarius and the mental vibrations increase. The next 2 weeks of eclipse corridor are set to be intense as Mercury will be working the electrical and vibrational energies on a hard core level. Grounding is important, but grounding into the golden pool of light of the heart will be essential to traverse these electrical energies.

Remember that belief is a power part of your beingness experience and you get to decide what beliefs you are going to hone and follow through this time. These are profound and shifting times… take your heart with you!

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take a moment and dedicate it to the strength of the vulnerability of the heart!

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