Energy of the Day January 12 2017 FULL MOON CANCER

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Energy of the Day January 12 2017 FULL MOON CANCER

Astrological Vibrations January 12 2017 Moon in Cancer Square Uranus, Moon Square Jupiter, FULL MOON CANCER 22 degrees 3:34 pm PST, Mercury into Capricorn, Venus Conjunct Neptune, Moon into Leo

Happy FULL MOON! This is no ordinary Full Moon as it is culminating at 22 degrees.. a master number, and is a catalyst in a Grand Cross configuration! This energy feels like a master level activation to me… And what you are activating is the elevation of your light 😉 Sun in Capricorn holds the energy of you showing up for yourself… being response able for what is in your life at this moment, and also taking care of your needs…. (who is watering your garden?!) Moon in Cancer is bringing up the emotions, indicating where it is that you need bring some nurturing for yourself. Emotions are an important part of the process as they are indicating where you are at on your soul path…and part of the mastery is being with them. Jupiter at 22 in Libra is holding the exact t-square in this energy… How are you honoring your self love… Again.. the Moon in Cancer and where you are at emotionally can help you navigate your personal understanding of where you are at in response ability to this process. Uranus in Aries is not quite exact, but holding it’s own at 20… echoing the Moon in Cancer’s mission of nurturing. This is not your demise… this is your ELEVATION!!! WOOO! Fall into the center of yourself, the center of this energy. Honor your process… body, mind, spirit, soul. Master level evolution revolution at hand!
Now, this is not the only energy that we are facing! As we reach the peak of the Full moon, Mercury will be finishing at 29 degrees Sagittarius…. master level energy again… holding that aim that aligns with your focused and centered light. Mercury will shift into Capricorn… now we have been through these lessons this year already as Mercury was retrograde… your mission isn’t to slip into old control paradigm but rather stay focused on allowing the ripening and this energy you are focused on to come into fruition!
Also along with this energy, we have Venus Conjunct Neptune which is actually a beautiful connection but Neptune has various vibrations of energy. Hold the energy of your divine worth… recognize that in this energy, escape may look like an oasis… but that be the desert illusion going on. Stay centered in your light as you maneuver this energy so that you can be true to your soul path. Finally… the Moon will shift into LEO later in the day… and that’s gonna be some time for relief and fun after this amazing process we have been through… show up by tending to the needs of your inner child… and elevate!! Namaste! HOWL!!!

Work with me!

take a moment and dedicate it to your elevation

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