December 14 2015 Energy of the Day

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December 14 2015 Energy of the Day

Horoscope December 14 2015

The astro for today has the Moon in Aquarius helping us tune into our vibrational energy. This is helping as we move through the final Revolution Evolution day of the Sun in Sagittarius. Its an opportunity for an evolution of our alignment with our beliefs, truths, being-ness and the infinite possibilities of the next frontier! There could be some resistance of this coming up with the Sun squaring Jupiter at master number 22 today. The message, “You want it to be easy, but you aren’t letting it be easy,” came through with this connection today. Where are you resisting your alignment to your path? It starts within. We are so good at blaming outside circumstance, but you can find a root within! Mercury connecting to Neptune tells us to dream a lil bigger and surrender a lil more. Saturn at 9 degrees reminds us to take the cues for action! More in the horoscope video below!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

dream a little bigger

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