December 21 2015 Energy of the Day Solstice

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December 21 2015 Energy of the Day Solstice

Horoscope December 21 2015 Solstice

The astro for today has us finishing up Sun in Sagittarius as it prepares to shift into Capricorn at 8:48 pm PST on December 21, bringing in the energy of the Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the Winder Solstice which is the shortest day, the height of darkness, and yet the Winter Solstice is a reminder of the rebirth of light. Here it comes again. In this time, we let go to be born anew. Its appropriate as we shift with the Sun from Sagittarius into Capricorn. We let go of what no longer serves to bring in the infinite possibilities. Release what we are holding, take up the arrow, shoot and release again. We shift from inspiration into taking aim into our purpose. We shift into a state of response-ability to our purpose. Being able to put down the shoulds and find complete integrity and alignment with our soul purpose. You don’t have to know the walk ahead but stay in tune with the now, right now. Take aim, let it go, let it flow and remember the spirit of infinite possibilities is always beckoning you to open further into the Universal energy that you are. Besides this, the Moon in Taurus is helping us be grounded in this task and KNOW that our work as we step into purpose is worth it, its valuable to the world. The Moon meets with Neptune, Pluto and Mercury helping bring magic, transformation, and commitment to our path. Mercury connecting to Chiron brings healing, Many of us carry wounds from the past that stop us when we want to respond according to our soul. Breathe in the possibilities and breathe out and get ready for the ride of Capricorn! More in the horoscope video below and check out this Blog from a Gaia friend Mardi about Solstice written for the Southern and Northern hemispheres!

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