December 4 2015 Energy of the Day Venus in Scorpio

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December 4 2015 Energy of the Day Venus in Scorpio

Horoscope December 4 2015 Venus in Scorpio

The astro today has the Moon finishing up in Virgo and a connection between Mercury and Jupiter to begin the day. This is such an interesting connection…. the square shows us our resistance, but both Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo have a tendency to want to know and learn and teach… There is a possibility that you may come to a place within yourself where you find “what you know” coming against “what you know.” There are differing opinions and facts out there about everything… we’ll stick to the health theme with the Virgo energy… Some people say kale is health necessary and others say, its been too much of a good thing. If you read everything there was to know out there about kale, it would leave your head (belly) spinning… This is where the spirit of I don’t know and infinite possibilities can help you. Try it for yourself, open and explore. Your body will tell you, what you need to know! Your instincts can steer you in the right direction! The Moon shifting into Libra later in the day has us tuning into the final hours of Venus in Libra, reminding us to honor our own process and that of everyone else. Its not til we truly honor our process as an individually guided one that we can honor the others. Once we do and Venus shifts into Scorpio, we can trust ourselves enough to connect with others on an intimate level. Its not about relating on a surface level but the ability to go beyond that and love the beyond! More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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GPS: Check out the cards we pulled for Venus in Scorpio


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