Energy of the Day December 11 2016

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Energy of the Day December 11 2016

Astrological Vibrations December 11 2016 Moon in Taurus Trine Pluto, Moon Square Mars, Sun Trine Uranus, Sun Square Chiron, Lunar Yod

There is strength in feeling your way through today! As we build into the Full Moon on Tuesday, our emotions are gaining momentum and as the Sun connects today to Uranus and Chiron at 20 degrees, we are reminded of the powerful nurturing energy of our emotions. They are our inner guideposts for the journey we are on. With the Sun connecting to Uranus, there is opportunity for some breakthrough in stepping into your energy.. as Ceres energy is right there with Uranus, its reminding us of the importance of nurturing ourselves through this break through process… We’ve made big strides in bringing forth the feminine energy this year, and as Mars connects to Pallas, and Uranus, Ceres… today feels like another day to embrace the yin. A big part of yin energy is embracing the feels… it’s tempting to go to the mind to know what’s going on, but the feelings have information for you that may be different from what you know… but are so important and valid in your process. Allow the Sagittarius energy to expand your trust and belief in what you feel. Moon in Taurus has a yod pointing right at it.. giving space and place for self love and value through sensual play… Show yourself through your senses how much you love yourself.. That ties in PERFECTLY with the mother energy of Ceres, the patriarchal breakthrough energy of Pallas and Mars, and the Sun Uranus Chiron connection… nurturing your individual path is your key …and honoring that which you feel as an important part of this path!

Work with me for the year of 2017!!!


take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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