Energy of the Day December 13 2016 FULL MOON GEMINI

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Energy of the Day December 13 2016 FULL MOON GEMINI

Astrological Vibrations December 13 2016 FULL MOON GEMINI 4:05 PM PST, Moon Trine Jupiter, Moon Opposite Saturn, Moon Sextile Uranus, Sun Opposite Moon 22 degrees, Moon Trine Mars, Lilith Trine Vesta

HAPPY FULL MOON IN GEMINI! The Full Moon is happening at 22 degrees in Gemini at 4:05 PM PST. The Full moon is a time of harvest.. a culmination of a 6 month cycle from the New Moon in Gemini and from the last new moon. The sabian symbols for this Full Moon remind us to keep doing the work… keep showing up, working through your personal processes, but don’t forget that part of mastery is to be in your wholeness… to bring in the element of play, of connection, of FUN! The energy mantra for this full moon is, “I master my personal evolution using the alchemy of fun.” This Full Moon is at a revolution evolution energy… Gemini and Sagittarius are optimistic and want to laugh and play and enjoy… Part of you being a master is finding the element of FUN.
I’ve had a phrase running through my head, “I’m all in.” and it is becoming clear through this energy that a BIG part of being all in, is to bring that love, joy, play connection on in! It is important in your personal response ability to be able to hold and carry this vibration. Gemini is the story teller… and it is your opportunity to write this fun energy into your story. It may be tempting to fall into reality, into what your mind is telling you… But, as your inner mastery keep progressing, remembering to write FUN into your story… is a huge piece.
The Moon making several connections in building this is asking you to take your response ability in making the connections with those who make you laugh and fan your fire.
Rumi reminds us to DANCE! You can’t move through the head of a needle when all your energy is in your head!
Lilith and Vesta are bringing forth the Queen energy… For those that resonate, this may be how to grace your harvest.. Play the part of the queen that you are!
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Namaste! Happy Full Moon!


take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3


  1. Thanks for the “play” – you are so refreshing and, well, just awesome. I always feel refreshed after listening and watching your daily readings. Bless you to the max, Dear One.

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