Energy of the Day December 21 2016 SUN IN CAPRICORN SOLSTICE

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Energy of the Day December 21 2016 SUN IN CAPRICORN SOLSTICE

Astrological Vibrations December 21 2016 SUN IN CAPRICORN, SOLSTICE, Moon Square Mercury

Welcome to Sun in Capricorn.. the Sun officially shifts on Wednesday morning at 2:24 am PST heralding the Solstice. Solstice means, “sunstanding” when the Sun reaches the most northern or southern point of its journey.. but it’s all about the light. And my horoscope revolves around the idea of the creator within… the energy of, “Let there be light…” and light appears. We came in as a piece of what we came from… we carry the creator energy within (some call it manifestor…but I think creator is a different vibration) This month is an opportunity to shift from controller, messiah, manifestor, into divine light responder and creator. The universe is responding to how you are showing up… in your personal response ability. It starts with how are you working within your own life. Are you showing up for yourself and in your divine purpose… and are you working with the energies that are being offered to you.
The Moon in Libra is still working on bringing some balance to the energy and will be building into some Squares… You may find yourself falling into the old control ways to help you find the balance, but instead of fighting for the balance, can you work with the energy that IS instead. Work with what you are being given… there is light in it.

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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