Energy of the Day February 14 2017

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Energy of the Day February 14 2017

Astrological Vibrations February 14 2017 Moon in Libra Opposite Venus, Jupiter Inconjunct Chiron, Moon Trine Mercury, Moon Opposite Mars, Moon Square Pluto

Happy Valentines Day… This energy is really interesting for a day where offerings of love are somewhat expected… We’ve got some good lessons in this! Moon in Libra is lighting up the energy of finding balance.. and as it opposes both Venus and Mars today, we have an opportunity to work this balance energy out with our inner yin/yang energies. The Moon in Libra strives for balance, harmony, love… but it all starts within. If you are seeking any of those things without, it’s a sign that it’s not currently balanced within.. There are holes needing to be filled and so we look outside to find that peace and balance… and that’s the thing.. we can… temporarily. However, big picture is that ultimately we will be happier and in a state of constant fulfillment when we recognize that this is an inside job. We are working love consciousness… recognizing that the mind can’t figure out this love thing.. but that by beginning and ending with the self, we can fall in love with everything and we recognize the love in ANYTHING! Jupiter inconjunct Chiron is helping this… We have relationship wounds that we have been taught and have been passed on and carried down, but the revelation of your worth, the revelation that you are love, can be a healing catalyst in this energy. It also can erase long held karmic debts. There is a strong energy of surrender through this process and of releasing control (seriously check out Maya’s video that I will be posting! it’s amazing!!) Let’s take this lesson from the greatest light we can see in our sky every day…
‘Even After All this time, The Sun never says to the Earth, You owe me. Look what happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky.’ – Hafiz
Light up the whole sky… Light up your universe with love…and watch what happens! ¬†and check out Maya’s video below as well!
I love you!!

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Maya’s video (link to Maya’s page up available from links on Gaia Blooming homepage!)

take a moment and dedicate it to LOVE <3



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