Energy of the Day February 25 2017 Building to Solar Eclipse

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Energy of the Day February 25 2017 Building to Solar Eclipse

Astrological Vibrations February 25 2017 Moon in Aquarius Sextile Uranus, Moon Trine Jupiter, Moon Sextile Saturn, Mercury into Pisces, Moon into Pisces, Moon Conjunct Mercury, Moon Conjunct South Node, One day out from Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces

Wow! We get to move through some energetic landscapes today! With Moon in Aquarius finishing up along with Mercury in Aquarius, we have some major electrical energies stimulating the mind and our electrical systems… The Moon sextile Uranus could really light up the mind… if you are someone who struggles with sleep due to strong mental or electrical energy, you may really be feeling this. Now this energy is pretty high vibrational in nature, but as we are in the dark of the moon building into this eclipse and building into Mars Conjunct Uranus… As the day moves on, we have both Moon and Mercury shifting into Pisces… taking us from electrical storm to a foggy, sleepy evening (with lightning bugs!!) Now.. there is potential for this foggy forest to open into a stormy sea… As we build into these energies, there is intensity afoot. If you can find your balance though, you will remember you don’t have to know, that knowing isn’t always the wisdom that is needed to maneuver these energies. This may be a conscious instinctual energy kind of maneuvering. Eclipses bring powerful energies… and my feeling with this eclipse is that besides releasing of old karmic situations and coming into deeper integration, the power behind this eclipse is allowing and receiving the downloads. What I believe we will be feeling a bit more extremely will be that connection with Mars and Uranus. The balance of these energies is interesting… it’s one part sleepy, and another part wired and passionate. Balance your energies. Be conscious of what energies you are attracting and being drawn to at this time… What is the vibration that is true to your soul? How can you act in a way that is liberating and loving for you and for the world? This isn’t about being a hero… this is about honoring your path.. when you honor your soul work, whatever it may be… you honor the world. Whew!

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