Energy of the Day January 10 2017

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Energy of the Day January 10 2017

Astrological Vibrations January 10 2017 Moon in Gemini Trine Jupiter 22 degrees, Moon Opposite Saturn 22 degrees, Sun Square Uranus, Moon Opposite Mercury 29 degrees, Moon into Cancer…Full Moon Prep! Mars Sextile Neptune

Whew! This week has us building into this Cardinal Cross and the lessons today are helping us get strong in our light and in our roots to withstand any of the push, pull, resistance and storm that could come with this Full Moon Cross. Today we get to experience some of this through the Sun Square Uranus at 20 degrees… It’s important to note that 20 degrees is a degree of feeling the feelings and nurturing yourself through them. The only way out is through… The only way deeper in, is through allowing yourself to feel what you are feeling. You may feel resistance in this energy… You may feel resistance to this energy that is breaking through you at this time… You may want to hold onto the old paradigm… but Uranus is a persistent lil bugger 😉 Working with this energy is the Moon connecting to Jupiter and Uranus both at the master Uranus degree of 22… so you see… the universe is coming at this through many angles… The Sun and Uranus remind us to feel.. while the Moon in Gemini is set on thinking its way through this… Chances are you aren’t going to be able to completely logic your way out of this. However, you can use the power of your mind to focus on self love and evolving beyond old beliefs that no longer serve who you are. Moon then meets up with Mercury at 29 degrees… We are being asked to step into our mastery when it comes to our focus. Feel what you need to feel… be with your stuff… and then… remember exactly what you are aiming for and lift up that arrow to meet that mark! Mars connecting to Pluto may bring up the frustration… I mean haven’t we been working on this long enough? Universe says… keep aiming.. let the passion of your inner fire keep drawing you closer.
As we move into this week and any intensity that may arise… remember, When the roots are deep, there is no need to fear the storm… and storms make your tree develop deeper roots. The universe is holding our hands through this process! And check out our weekly GPS also posted below! 

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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