Energy of the Day January 11 2017 1.11.1

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Energy of the Day January 11 2017 1.11.1

Astrological Vibrations January 11 2017 1.11.1 Sun Sextile Chiron, Moon in Cancer Trine Venus, Moon Trine Neptune, Moon Opposite Pluto, Moon Trine Mars, Sun Square Jupiter 22 degrees, Building to Full Moon Cancer 3:34 am PST Thursday January 12 Last day Mercury in Sagittarius

We are building into the power of the Full Moon Cardinal Square/ Cross energy… and this energy can feel very intense as we trek through these lessons. But looking at the astro and the predominance of master numbers, we need to remember this intensity is an initiation…a portal… a threshold. The Moon in Cancer is a powerful one meant to bring out the full extent of the feels within us. This lunar energy is being compounded by the fact that it’s connecting to the other planets in the other Cardinal signs. Jupiter and Uranus are holding down the energy of abiding self love. Jupiter is holding the master degree of 22 in this energy and the Sun will square this energy later in the evening. The Sun in Capricorn is taking us through lessons of showing up for ourselves… and this Jupiter energy asks us, “Who is watering your garden.” Uranus at 20 degrees keeps taking us back to nurturing ourselves through this energy.
There is strong water energy flowing us through today as well as the Moon in Cancer connects to planets in Pisces. Are you honoring this flow? The Full Moon is culmination… but it’s also strong in the release energy and in this square, we need to let go even as we harvest what is ready in our gardens at this moment 😉
The same advise I’ve been talking about this week applies…fall into your center. This energy may pull you out… but keep seeking the expansion and the courage of your light in this moment. You’re directing this energy with your thoughts…

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Take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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