Energy of the Day January 2 2016 Venus in Pisces

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Energy of the Day January 2 2016 Venus in Pisces

Astrological Vibrations January 2 2017 Last Day Venus in Aquarius, Moon into Pisces, Moon Sextile Mercury, Moon Conjunct Pallas, Moon Conjunct Neptune, Moon Conjunct Mars, Venus into Pisces

Turn your magic on! We have the Moon and Venus finishing up in Aquarius today and shifting into Pisces.. joining Pallas, the South Node, Neptune, Mars and Chiron all working in the Pisces energy. With all this PIsces, we could end up in a bit of a fog, OR we can channel that magic in and through the light energy that we are (source) Venus in Aquarius helps us with this energy as it finishes up today… a reminder to attune to our own vibrations and fill up our own cups with that light, that magic, your personal universe energy!
All the planets in Pisces give way to surrendering to the flow… The fog will come if you are not attuning to your own light and guidance… Release the control of needing the guidance to come from outside of yourself. You soul has a compass and knows how to move through this energy! Let your intuition be your guide!
Remember the magic of the cosmos is present in you!
Namaste! (I am also including the horoscope video for January 1 in case you missed it! 


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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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