Energy of the Day January 3 2017

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Energy of the Day January 3 2017

Daily Horoscope January 3 2016

Astrological Vibrations January 3 2017 Sun Sextile Moon in Pisces, Moon Sextile Pluto, Mercury Sextile Venus in Pisces, Moon Square Saturn

Welcome to your first revolution evolution day of 2017! This is when Uranus energy does some work to help us evolve! For some these are light bulb moments and for others, it shows up as triggers… Whatever the case, this is the time to remember that it is to help you evolve into your light, evolve into showing up more fully in yourself and as yourself! The astro energy around this is SO supportive of this. We have Capricorn representing the structure of things, and the Pisces energy is working strongly with this energy helping us get out of the old control paradigm and into the personal light flow energy! All this Pisces is working with us to help us focus and shift our personal integration and structure (Check out Gaia GPS this week where the integration card came up over and over again!!) Union, structure, control… all comes from within. The Moon square Saturn may challenge this knowledge but if you keep coming back to yourself, you will find that truth and light in you. Mercury is in prep to retrograde back into Sagittarius… at 0 degrees, it may bring more technology and communication play… stay in your flow… Acknowledge where you have shadow control issues and see how it’s asking you to shift. And like I said! Check out GPS this week! It’s been a long time but we are so happy to be back!!

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Gaia GPS Weekly Reading Jan 2 – 9th 2017

take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3





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