Energy of the Day March 13 2017 MERCURY IN ARIES

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Energy of the Day March 13 2017 MERCURY IN ARIES



Astrological Vibrations March 13 2017 MERCURY IN ARIES, Moon in Libra Opposite Venus Retrograde 11 degrees, Chiron Conjunct Pallas… incoming Sun!

Mercury shifts into Aries today, but that won’t be until 2 pm pacific time, so until then.. psychic insights abound… the interesting thing with the final degree of Pisces is that it incorporates every degree of the zodiac… so these insights really could come from any where in your chart.. be aware and be open! As Mercury shifts.. I forgot to mention that anytime Mercury shifts, there can be technology issues.. patience is your friend! Mercury in Aries is inviting us to tell the truth about who we are… at least starting with yourself! Aries brings the focus to I am… and as we know with Aries.. it ignites the warrior… Is your warrior activated by inner passion or suppression? It’s up to you.. at least tell the truth of it to yourself! Moon in Libra is making a connection to Venus that I think is SO perfect. This connection is reminding us not to look for love in all the wrong places… meaning outside of yourself. The powerful message that came through is that no one can ever love you enough to make up for any illusion or lack of self love. We may find those that can help teach us to love the self, but ultimately it is a self run program…. This is the perfect day to bring some healing and balance to this. Chiron conjunct Pallas.. bringing healing to the patriarchy.. this fits in, in such a nice way as I feel that it is an old patriarchal teaching to look for love, answers, affirmation outside of ourselves. The healing is in coming back into union with self. Om Bhavam Namah.. I am absolute existence. All you need is all you are!


take a moment and dedicate it to self love

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