Energy of the Day March 14 2017

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Energy of the Day March 14 2017

Astrological Vibrations March 14 2017 Moon in Libra Square Pluto, Moon Conjunct Jupiter, Moon Opposite Uranus, Sun Conjunct Chiron and Pallas

Interesting astro day… my feeling on this is that we are being given an opportunity to heal our control issues from multiple angles. The Cardinal t-square tightening… remember I said this would be ongoing… This is reminding you that what you need to focus on is finding that balance in yourself, not outside yourself… if you are looking outside, the energy is kinda feeling, let go or be dragged. Pluto and Uranus are our agents of change helping make these shifts, while Jupiter keeps working at expanding self love… Meanwhile.. Sun Conjunct Chiron and Pallas! WHOA! This is a cool connection.. Sun brings the light, the unification of all under the light.. Chiron is the wounded healer and knows the path through the shadow, and Athena.. she knows all about the patriarchy, the illusion of control and that the way is through separation. We come out of control by coming into union within.. this is the healing path.. this moment.. letting go of control focusing within!


Gaia GPS for the week is up too!

take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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