Energy of the Day March 4 2017 VENUS RETROGRADE

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Energy of the Day March 4 2017 VENUS RETROGRADE


Astrological Vibrations March 4 2017 VENUS RETROGRADE, Moon in Gemini Mercury Conjunct Neptune, Moon Square Neptune

This retrograde energy feels all set to be a major and magical rebirth, if you can allow it. This is more of the ending and beginning energy that we have been working this year. There is ripening, but allowance is key. That makes sense as this is Venus, and Venus resonates with yin energy. I feel that the rebirth is a call to the source within.. the source of creativity, our light, our love. Many of us have forgotten why it is we came here.. We’ve forgotten joy, and pleasure and the importance of noticing the beauty around us. Part of this rebirth, the unfolding, is reattuning with the pleasure of being you. The joy that can and does radiate within. Now I love the power of intention… and I personally believe the most powerful intentions for this retrograde are the intentions of allowing and FUN! The mind is not going to come up with this one for you. Just as fruit ripening on a vine doesn’t need to think its way ripe… There are seeds within you, wanting to sprout.. but they need the space and the nourishment.. The nourishment in this case is connecting to your divine creativity… allowing your inner muse to come through. Now… it may be through the reflection of outer muses that you can remember the fun within, that you will become inspired.
You are so much more than you dare to allow yourself to be. This is a potent time for endings and beginnings… Celebrate what is for you..and that will feed the source of light within you and allow for this ripening. There is TRULY magic afoot…. dance it, dream it, live it, love it! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to ripening!

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