Energy of the Day May 10 2017 FULL MOON SCORPIO

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Energy of the Day May 10 2017 FULL MOON SCORPIO

Astrological Vibrations May 10 2017 Moon Trine Neptune, Moon Sextile Pluto, FULL MOON SCORPIO 20 degrees 2:42 pm PDT

Have you been feeling the power of this incoming Full Moon Scorpio energy? Power, as in empowerment is the energy of Scorpio. And that is where you want to go.. but to get there, often we have to look at what undermines our power, which is connected to fear that we carry. Scorpio energy connects us to the root and sacral chakras… connecting us to survival and shakti energy. Remembering you are safe, allowing the earth (Taurus energy) to support you and meet your needs… and allowing yourself to be present with and for the emotions will help support these lower chakras through this energy. Now.. the North node in Leo, I feel is a big clue to the power we can tap into within this energy. North Node in Leo is guiding us to the power of the heart and the high heart as you will hear in the video scope… Love is the ultimate power we can tap into within ourselves.
The sabian symbol for this Full Moon is, “A woman draws away two dark curtains closing the entrance to a sacred pathway.” This pathway that this moon is empowering and phoenixing us into, is the ultimate power of the heart. This is a time of initiation of love. Part of this sacred path, this empowerment will be acquainting yourself with the high heart chakra energy that can help bridge the South Node Aquarius energy and bring it into the heart. A path of higher power embodied.
As we build into this moon, you may be faced with energies you need to forgive, purge, release, acknowledge and love… Remember that your love is bigger than your fear of facing this energy. Keep showing up with your blazing heart for how this energy is showing up for you, and know that you have the strength to transform into your next level.

take a moment and dedicate it to love

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