Energy of the Day May 5 2017

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Astrological Vibrations May 5 2017 Sun Inconjunct Jupiter (Jupiter Yod) Moon in Virgo Opposite Neptune, Sun Trine Moon, Moon Trine Pluto, Grand Trine Earth

An interesting energy of balance comes over the collective through this energy today… There is a grand trine in Earth bringing to light reality but there is a balance to reality.. a micro and a macro harmonic energy going on. We see reality as the tangible… but even that tangible has more details to attend to. This isn’t a call to get nitpicky but again to pull out and see that there is so much more going on in any given moment than what we see through a microscope (why could I NOT get that word in the scope… lol) So through this lens of knowing that there is so much going, this is a call to honor that balance and the jupiter yod energy of self love. What is your truth? How do you move as if in order to bring it on into reality. Your great production will come from a soulful balance and harmony of the micro and the macro. The micro to attend to… the physical body in this great big universe… honor the lessons of Virgo and know the wisdom of your cells is calling… Neptune representing the macro is reminding us of the magic the universe has up it’s sleeve. What is your truth? The better it gets the better it gets..

take a moment and dedicate it to balanced universal magic

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