Energy of the Day May 9 2017 NORTH NODE LEO

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Energy of the Day May 9 2017 NORTH NODE LEO

Astrological Vibrations May 9 2017 Sun Trine Pluto, NORTH NODE INTO LEO, Mercury Conjunct Uranus, Building into Full Moon Scorpio

WHAT A DAY! We have the final Mercury Uranus meeting.. phew… as well as the nodal shift, and building into a Full Moon in Scorpio… Wowza! This is a lot of energy… but through the video I did show how it’s all connecting. We’ve been working this Mercury Uranus energy for a while… learning to manage the thinking and the vibrations coming from other’s thinking around us. Now today, as we build to the peak meeting, (which happens at 10:19 pm… so it’s an all day thing) we may find ourselves facing fears, energies being brought up by this waxing moon to be processed and purged… you do not have to take your thoughts personally… or the thoughts of others that you may latch onto in this energy. Keep processing… remembering that your LOVE is bigger than your fear. Get fascinated by your ability to grow in love.. your ability to show up for yourself in and through this energy. Accept and receive the love the universe is showering upon you in this energy… this after all is our North Star energy through the next year and a half with the NORTH NODE shifting into Leo. This lesson is a new acceptance of this Leo energy in our lives.. Now every sign has various vibrations that it can attune to… the highest vibration of leo is Pure love… its sol and soul love.. it is the Sun… And you have the ability to love with the ferocity of a bazillion suns. This is our work. To shed this light within… and let it flood the world with love light. It starts wth you… Leo, the inner child. It may be that this fear rising with this full moon is connected to your inner child… and this North Node says… hold that child in love. So much healing will come. The South Node connection is asking us to connect our inner genius to this power of love… the power of the heart. Many times the head and the heart go in opposite directions.. this direction is within to shine out… This is SUPER powerful energy… Utilize it and check out the video for more info! Namaste!

take a moment and dedicate it to love

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