February 13 2016 Energy of the Day Mercury in Aquarius

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February 13 2016 Energy of the Day Mercury in Aquarius

Horoscope February 13 2016 Mercury in Aquarius

The astro for today has Mercury shifting into Aquarius at 2:43 pm PST after spending the majority of the last 2 months in the sign of Capricorn. Through the morning until the shift, we will be working with the 29 degree Capricorn energy which could have you reviewing the lessons of the last 2 months about your place in society, and how you are showing up. Chances are you will see a change from the last time we went through this shift this year, as we went through the retrograde and several passes of the Pluto Uranus transformational energies. Keep your mojo working and ready to step into the magic of Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury in Aquarius tunes us into higher consciousness and our inner genius. Ideas may start flowing, but part of the lesson of Aquarius is to not just keep it in idea phase but actually bring it into the physical as well. Take some time with Mercury in Aquarius to ask, how you came to be of service. I am of the belief that when we tune into our authentic vibration, we can show up and be of service just by being ourselves. Allow some quiet time with that question to open up to new ways you can show up as you! Beyond this, there is some fun astro going on. Moon in Taurus is tuning us into the sensual energy of the planet. Pamper yourself and indulge your senses! Taurus energy wants us to recognize the beauty that surrounds us through our senses.. Smell the flowers (or the coffee….whatever floats your boat) This ties in well with a really cool connection between Mars in Scorpio with Jupiter and Lilith conjunct in Virgo at 21 degrees. 21 degrees is the degree of expansion… This energy is meant to help you move forward and expand in and of yourself… Lilith demands self truth, self love, self acknowledgement and she’s connected to Mars, igniting our passion energy. This is a call to not settle. This isn’t based on anyone outside of yourself but rather how you are showing up for yourself… There is opportunity to really show up for yourself and your shakti energy in this connection. Honor your passion. Honor the fire within. Moon will connect with Neptune later in the evening bringing some more magic to the Earth energy… Revel in the revealing of the mystic around you! More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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