February 16 2016 Venus in Aquarius

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February 16 2016 Venus in Aquarius

Horoscope February 16 2016 Venus in Aquarius

The astro for today has us finishing up Venus in Capricorn and shifting into Aquarius at 8:17 pm PST. While Venus works with the aspects of┬ábeauty and relationships, we’ve really been focusing on the talent and worth side of things as we worked through Capricorn. Today we get to feel the final 29 degree energy around our worth and bringing it out into society. Allowing the talents and the beauty we came to be, to grace the world. There was much transformation energy and shift through this process as Venus worked with Pluto and Uranus and Mars birthing her into a new paradigm of self honor and worth. Now, its time for a next level break through with Venus in Aquarius. We got a taste of this energy when Venus squared Uranus, but now its really time for some liberation. This process will be a great one for asking where you are still holding back, and maybe even why? I am reminded of one of my favorite Rumi verses, “Don’t ask what love can make or do, look at the colors of the world.” Venus in Aquarius takes your love and makes it service. This can be your love in relationship, being of service in boosting the love levels of the world, or this could be about what you love… Letting the beauty you love, be what you do. (also Rumi inspired!) How can you liberate that which wants to be bloomed through you? Venus in Aquarius gives you an opportunity for freedom! Beyond this, the Moon in Gemini is making some interesting connections with planets in the other mutable signs of Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces. When this happens, sometimes we can feel tense because making a decision is hindered by what we feel, think, know, have learned, and spiritual teachings. Fortunately, we still have that big energy in Virgo with the North Node, Lilith and Jupiter holding space reminding us that our body is sending us signals. Honor your antenna. It knows so much and is a big part of the spiritual receptor that translates messages from your higher self. The Moon in Gemini will connect to Uranus, which could potentially give us some break through in how to honor our response-ability. Passion energy is also feeding into our frequency today too. Let that help guide you in which way to move! More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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