February 18 2016 Energy of the Day SUN IN PISCES

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February 18 2016 Energy of the Day SUN IN PISCES

Horoscope February 18 2016 SUN IN PISCES

We are officially in the final day of Sun in Aquarius with the sun shifting into Pisces at 9:34 pm PST. The final degree of Aquarius is a reminder for us to hone our vibration and know our frequency. The Moon in Cancer will be part of the tests around our vibration as it asks us to honor our sensitivity and the individual ways we need to nurture ourselves and our vibration. The Moon will meet with Saturn, Pluto and Uranus which could drive us to fall into old patterns, but ask yourself how you can best honor your needs and your vibration as we move through the energy. This also may be a time as emotions are rising to the surface. Don’t avoid what is coming up. Its coming up to be released because it no longer matches who you are showing up as! The Sun in Pisces is a time of further surrender. With Sun in Aquarius we play a mental game, but with Sun in Pisces, its time to surrender the mind energy for a connection to spirit. This is the time we recognize ourselves as Spiritual beings having a human experience. This is like¬†shavasana at the end of yoga… a time to let go and notice the work that has been done as we finish up the astrological year. 2015 and even the beginning of 2016 has put us through the measures… Take this time of Sun in Pisces to honor the work that you have done and how you have shown up for your life. We are also beginning Mars Shadow period as Mars prepares to retrograde in April. We have reached the degrees where the work will be done as well as the beginning of our first eclipse season of 2016. Honor your process. Honor your spiritual needs. Honor the vibrations that you have spent the last month honing and surrender to the flow the universe is sending for you as we move in and through Pisces! More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3


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