February 19 2016 Energy of the Day Sun in Pisces

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February 19 2016 Energy of the Day Sun in Pisces

Horoscope February 19 2016 Sun in Pisces

The astro for today has the Sun in Pisces helping us adjust to releasing the mental and vibrational energy of Sun in Aquarius and moving into the flow of Pisces. What came up for me is recognizing with the mental energy, we find focus which is so helpful, but we also can bring up resistance that our logical minds like to throw down. Pisces is a place where the mystical, magical, and miraculous happen on the regular, because we find the flow and allow the universe to do it part. This is releasing the resistance that comes with being human and having the logical mind. Be patient in this process, find the flow of what feels good as we move through Pisces and like Rumi says, “respond to every call that excites your spirit.” The Moon will finish up in Cancer today, connecting to Jupiter and Mars. The Moon Jupiter connection is reminding you to return to the body as part of your releasing resistance and tune into the feels your body is bringing to your attention. Nurture it. And then, Mars tunes in and reminds us that part of nurturing is in tuning into and finding the comfort and joy in honoring the deeper drive from the lower chakras that are feeding us with the fire of passion. The fire of your mission of how you came to be and experience on this planet! Moon in Leo later in the evening brings the delight of the inner child. With Sun in Pisces and Moon in leo, there can be drama, there will be expression, and you may find yourself playing parts like you did when you were a child.. Take off the masks and let the inner child play! More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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