February 21 2016 Energy of the Day Building to Full Moon in Virgo

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February 21 2016 Energy of the Day Building to Full Moon in Virgo

Horoscope February 21 2016 Building to Full Moon in Virgo

The astro today has us feeling into the Full Moon energy that is brewing for the Full Moon in Virgo tomorrow at 10:20 am PST. For now however, the Moon is in Leo still inviting us to further engage the energy of love and the inner child energy that we all carry within. The Moon in Leo will connect with Uranus and no joke, for this aspect, the universe sent me the lyrics from Ice Ice Baby…. “stop, collaborate and listen…” This is how to begin the day. Tune into the energies that wanting to share some information with you. This may lead to a shift you’ve been wanting to happen in your life. Then as the day moves on, we have a square brewing between the Moon and Mars. Joy and Passion are inclusive energies… but I think sometimes the urgency of honoring passion in this moment, can take the joy out of it. This square is a Pisces reminder that its not urgent and enjoy the journey into embracing your passion energy. As the Full Moon approaches Rumi reminds us that, “love is a bridge between you and everything…” This Full Moon build is a bridge between heaven and earth, between the body and the soul, between reality and miracles. Enjoy the journey, be easy on yourself and tune into your body for the best guidance. More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3


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