February 26 2016 Energy of the Day

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February 26 2016 Energy of the Day

Horoscope February 26 2016

The astro for today has the Moon finishing up her process in Libra with connections to Pluto, Mercury and Uranus. We are continuing the transformation process of how we are showing up in relationship with the world. The energy mantra for today is Aham Brahmasmi, I am the universe. Where you hold resistance is where you are resisting the universe, so this energy is helping transform and release you from that web. The interesting connection today is the one between Mercury in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries, stimulating our minds and body. The Jupiter in Virgo you reminding us of the wisdom our body carries is the focal point of this Yod with the universe reminding you that although you are not your body, its a very important component in your life experience and as an antenna, its picking up the messages that Uranus and Mercury are sending in and through you today. Feel into the yum and yuck.. feel into how the ideas light you up. If it doesn’t light you up, it doesn’t mean its not necessarily for you, but that there is some tweaking needed to get to the place where you are alight with the energy of tuning into a component of your path! Venus and Ceres are at 11 degrees today reminding of the importance of self love and nurturing… More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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