February 28 2016 Energy of the Day

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February 28 2016 Energy of the Day

Horoscope February 28 2016

The astro today has the cool annual connection of Sun conjunct Neptune. This connection is when we can get clear that the universe longs to honor what lights up your soul. You job in this combo is to recognize the feeling of what lights you up, and then relax and don’t worry about how its gonna happen, and just follow the lead of the universe through you; let yourself receive that which you have asked for. Don’t keep score or a time card, just relax into the magic that is offered. Keep tuning into the passion as it fills you up, be joyful and easy in the energy. That being said the Moon will be helping tune into your passion but also possibly your blocks to allowing. Remember that you are worthy and your past doesn’t dictate your future. The mind may have something to say about this as well, its great at coming up with reasons why not, but equally good at coming up with reasons why… Choose your focus! Om Kriyam Namah can hold the frequency to remind you that you are aligned with cosmic law. Its all happening! More in the astro video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3


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