February 8 2016 Energy of the Day NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS

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February 8 2016 Energy of the Day NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS

Horoscope February 8 2016 New Moon in Aquarius Chinese New Year

The astro for today has a New Moon in Aquarius at 6:39 am PST at 19 degrees. The New Moon is a great time for planting seeds of intention and Aquarius being the sign of the water bearer, is nourishing these seeds from the start. The 19 degrees part is the most interesting part of this new moon energy to me as we have been working so much on our worth with all the connections Venus has made of late. Venus helps us know what we are worth, and wants us to share the talents (our beauty) that our soul came to develop. After the connections of Pluto, Uranus, and Mars this week, she has one more connection with the healing vibration of Chiron in Pisces before the New Moon happens at the degree of knowing our worth, 19. I love that this is happening in tandem with Chinese New Year as the year of the Fire Monkey which seemingly has come to awaken, stoke, and liberate your inner fire. If the only intention you have this New Moon is to let your light shine and let that be your gift, then you are on the perfect track for your life. This could also be the perfect time to call enhancing and complimentary vibrations into your life to help the process of revealing your light! Finally, part of seeing our own light is to see and reflect the light in those around us. The spirit of Aquarius invites in the idea of Utopia… We step into this process by recognizing that our light is from the same source and unites us all as divine beings! Also recognize that the tarot card, the Star, is represents the vibration of Aquarius. Keep looking to the light and know that in every moment, its expanding..Namaste….

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GPS for the New Moon



take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

New moon Aquarius

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