FULL MOON ARIES October 5 2017 Venus Conjunct Mars

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FULL MOON ARIES October 5 2017 Venus Conjunct Mars

Astrological Vibrations October 5 2017 FULL MOON ARIES 11:40 am pacific time, Moon Opposite Mercury, VENUS CONJUNCT MARS, Moon Square Pluto

WOW this energy! And I have to say that I do think this is the most important message I have ever downloaded and brought to you. This Full Moon in Aries is lighting up the Aries energy… I always talk about the Aries energy as the I Am energy and this is about truly embodying the energy of your I AM.. but first we have to acknowledge another part of the Aries energy. Aries is ruled by Mars – the god of war. There is a fight in Aries… and we can see the evidence of war all over our planet. In order to come into peace, we have to make peace with the war monger within. Where does war come from? It comes from a belief in lack… a belief you can’t have the thing that you love.

The energy mantra for today is, I expand through the knowledge that there is enough love here for me.”
This is the message. This is how we conquer any belief of lack… in the KNOWING that there is enough love here for us… every one of us. (and every one of us is DESERVING of all the love in the world)
So love shows up for everyone in different ways. For some they equate love with another person or animal, but we can equate love with security, land, money, food, recognition, praise, … basically anything that has ever started a war… can be equated in someone’s understanding, as love.

These fights, this tug of war energy, is because somewhere, there is a belief that there is not enough for you… but that is simply not true. It is our work to start understanding through the union brought in and of this full moon, that there is enough love in the world for you, for me, for all of us!
Now I have to tell you – I didn’t not say this in the horoscope because there were so many messages that I forgot… but this is so important. I spoke of coming into balance in order to heal yesterday.. I said that anything that needs healing is just a sign that something is out of balance… Last night I tested this phrase… There is enough love in the world for me… with a wound that was coming up. The anxiety that was rising as the thoughts around that wound surfaced, disappeared and eased as soon as I tended to myself with that understanding. This is SOOOOO IMPORTANT! I don’t think I could ever say anything more important that this… that there is enough love in the world for you.

Now this Full Moon is a WOW moon because the rulers of the signs that the Sun and Moon are currently representing, are Venus and Mars… and today, right before the Full Moon, Venus and Mars come together conjunct in Virgo – the sign that represents our wholeness.

The Libra energy definitely represents relationship with others in all kinds of ways, but the relationship we have with ourselves is the foundation that provides energetic basis for all other relationships that we have our in lives. With Venus and Mars conjunct in Virgo, we are understanding in a new way, the wholeness that each of us contains within and then expresses in our daily reality. This is such a powerful time to recognize this wholeness and the divine balance we come to within. This is such strong healing energy for the union within.

It’s also interesting to note that Venus and Mars will not be conjunct again until 2019, as they will be providing much balance through opposition and retrogrades in 2018.

Besides this powerful Full moon which is asking us to fully embrace and love our I am energy. The Moon is connecting to Mercury and Pluto. The conjunction with Mercury may bring up some of the worth stuff… “You are the heart of the heart of the universe and your name is love.” – Rumi – if your worth is based on anything outside of that, this is an opportunity to utilize the whole and holiness of this energy and release that from your consciousness. You are love and there IS enough love in the world for you.

The square with Pluto a few hours after the Full Moon could bring up the fight… bring up the war monger. There may be something you feel like you need to protect. See how you come at this energy when you move from the place of, there is enough love in the world for me. With this, we will be empowered, the highest essence of Pluto and can each of us step into the next level of personal destiny.

There IS enough love in the world for you <3


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take a moment and KNOW

there is enough love in the world for you

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