Full Moon Gemini Mercury Retrograde Sagittarius December 2-3 2017

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Full Moon Gemini Mercury Retrograde Sagittarius December 2-3 2017

Astrological Vibrations December 2 – December 3 2017 FULL MOON GEMINI MERCURY RETROGRADE SAGITTARIUS – Moon into Gemini, Moon Opposite Venus, Jupiter Trine Neptune 11 degrees, Mercury retrograde 11:34 pm pacific 12/2, Sun Square Neptune, Moon Square Neptune, Full Moon Gemini 7:47 am pacific 12/3

WHAT A WEEKEND! ha ha and it’s a busy one for me in addition to the intensity so I laid it all out here in this one scope! Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon in Gemini.. This is very strong mental energy.. but as the Full Moon is rising, this is a retrograde process, and we have some Neptune Jupiter work going on, there is likely to be mental shadows we have to face. I had an experience just this morning where my wounds popped up through mental illusions… this is an OPPORTUNITY to face these energies and see them for what they are. This is also an opportunity to use your mental energy as if a magic wand.. So don’t just dismiss the mental energies that come up your way… work them, but then redirect your mental energies! Focus!

The energy mantra for this weekend is, “Mastery is my response able presence moment to moment.” This is what we need to remember with all the mutable energy going on, is that change is up BIG time right now. Part of being the change is being in the flow of this moment and responding in a way that is true to where you are at according to your soul growth (not true to your wounding which you can approach on another level.)

With Jupiter and Neptune connecting at the mastery energy of 11 degrees, we are going deep. I keep reminding that Scorpio energy can bring the darkest dark and the lightest light.. Jupiter in Scorpio will just enhance this. This is why there is a good chance (along with full moon energy and retrograde) that old deep wounds could surface. Neptune in Pisces, is the fish and will swim in the light and the dark… which serves because these issues coming up need to be addressed. This is a very opportune time to witness, hold and heal yourself through whatever is. Witness it. Nurture and love on yourself through it. Venus in Sagittarius CAN and will hold the light for you in this. Also realize that Jupiter and Neptune have the ability to see any situation from a higher plane… asking to see that vision, tune into that frequency can help you transmute and alchemize any energies that surface.

These energies will be connecting to the Sun and the Moon before the Full Moon as well. This really is a master process Full moon… Full Moons are harvest energy, but also they light up what has been hidden in the dark. The Full Moon in Gemini connects the mental process to the emotional process and those energies can amp each other up. Be very conscious of the trails your mind is leading you on… perhaps take your monkey out for a walk.. and make sure you aren’t walking anyone else’s monkeys! ha ha
Gemini loves the new, Sagittarius is connected to the ancient.. between the 2 we find our path. Notice where you are at right now in your process and honor the new insights that are leading you forward, but also the ancient energies that serve to light your path. There is also t-square energy in this. You may be confused at many points.. which way to go?? Tune into this moment. What is your soul saying? This is the master process. Be willing to sit and listen deeper still. Also realize that mirroring and reflection (twinning) is big with this Full Moon energy… What are these mirrors and monkeys showing you??

AND mercury retrograde.. speaking of master process.. Mercury is going retrograde at 29 degrees Sagittarius.. another master degree… Where is your mind? This retrograde process synching with the completion of Saturn in Sagittarius is SO WOW to me… Review, dig in and see what no longer serves your mental process. There is a lot of great wisdom out there, and there is a lot of stuff that is garbage. You, internally, can tune in and tell the difference. Tune into your discernment, feel through with your soul. And remember this is YOUR path.. no one else’s! Keep realizing that we are evolving just as the universe is constantly expanding and evolving.. What is true to you in this moment, may change in the next. Stay in your integrity and honor the gates!

Namaste and…. good luck!

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