Full Moon in Aquarius~Let Go, Let God

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On August 20th the Moon in Aquarius will exactly oppose the Sun in Leo at 28 degree creating a Full Moon. Full Moons are a time to surrender, release, let go and most importantly Let God. Over the past few days, as the Moon has been building to fullness I’m sure you’ve felt some contrast. Whatever the challenges that are arising in your reality right now, the solution is to let go of attachment. When the Moon swells in the sky she is also illuminating parts of our consciousness which no longer serve us; things, situations, beliefs and relationships we have outgrown. So what are the themes of this Full Moon? I’m going to elaborate on some of the planetary activity going on during this Moon so you can see the big picture.


Firstly, this is the second Full Moon in Aquarius in the past 30 days. It’s rather special to have back to back Full Moons in the same sign; therefore it’s important we pay attention to their messages. Aquarius represents detachment, community as a whole, brilliance and innovation. Its ruler Uranus shies away from normal and routine ways of being. Aquarius is concerned with humanity as a whole rather than the individual self. It wants to innovate and create a world where everyone is cared for; it’s a true humanitarian. In order to help the planet we must trade our personal desires for a life of service; that’s the lesson on Aquarius. Instead of helping only yourself, if you set the intention on service; everyone wins! I believe our planet is in dire need of the humanitarian spirit. Perhaps that’s why we’ve been given two Full Moons in this sign. What areas of your life could you live a little more selflessly? It’s the perfect time to give up the self-serving behaviors in order to gain clarity on your Dharma. Dharma simply put, it what you love and how you can serve the world with it. Since a Full Moon is a time of surrender; let go of all the egocentric behavior and commit to living your Dharma (it’ll feel good I promise!).

The Moon is at 28 degrees Aquarius; close to Neptune at 4 degrees Pisces. Neptune represents divinity; he’s Godly. The Moon is telling us where we need to release, the fact that Neptune is nearby tells me that we needn’t been afraid of letting go; for we are divinely supported. The fact that Neptune’s hanging out gives us even more reason to Let Go and Let God. God’s right there waiting for us to release our close mindedness so that he can step in and orchestrate miracles. Neptune’s vibration represents ultimate Oneness; in his world we are never separate from one another. Therefore he exudes unconditional compassion to all. If we exchange our self-seeking attitudes for an outlook which benefits everyone I feel that some magic is going to occur on a Global scale.

On the opposite side of the Zodiac is the Sun is Leo hanging out with the asteroid Ceres. Ceres is the Earth Mother; she represents self nurturing. She provides love and comfort to the self by balancing the acts of giving and receiving. This is a reminder that although surrendering the desires of our ego will benefit the collective; it’s sill important to nurture yourself through self love. Love and nurture yourself so that you can better serve the planet. If we do not help ourselves first, then we are really no good to anyone. This Full Moon release any habits which are not contributing to your highest good. Are there any beliefs you are holding about yourself which are inhibiting the self love from flowing? No matter what your thoughts are telling you, you are perfect. You deserve your love more than anyone else. Let go of the self criticism and step into the self adoration.

Most importantly have fun during this Full Moon. Your positive energy helps the planet so much more than you can ever imagine. Smile at strangers, be kind to one another and enjoy the ending months of summer. It’s a good time to be alive; let us rejoice!


First image from:http://www.planetsforkids.org/moon-moon.html

Second image from:http://www.flickr.com/photos/strongman/

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  1. I’m having some good lessons prior to this moon, teaching me how to detach properly. This o e is gonna be big for me, already feeling the influence.

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