Full Moon in Gemini November 25th

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Full Moon in Gemini November 25th

Full Moon in Gemini

A Full Moon is a time of illumination; shining and showing us where we can shift. Often times we learn what is ready to be released. The Sun (our conscious awareness) is enlightening the Moon (our emotions) and so it’s no doubt that you may been feeling sensitive this week.

If you are feeling something; there is a reason for it. Let the emotions flow through you, face them instead of ignoring or stuffing them away and this week will be much easier.

In a way this energy feels like a party; but not your typical celebration. We have all transformed and so this is like our unveiling party. A party that you show up to as a new person only to discover that everyone else has changed too.

This is GOOD, but if we are clinging to the old and familiar we may be left feeling sad or confused. Saturn and Neptune are squaring each other and how this manifests is our choice. We can embody the highest vibration of Sagittarius and believe in infinite potential; setting our sights and goals on our highest desires. To support our dreams we can become fearlessly faithful thanks to Neptune. Shy away from pessimism, doubt, regret or shutting yourself down because you don’t know how.

This is a Full Moon of being radically faithful, optimistic and determined. Chances are you are going to feel some funky feelings; good! Look at them, embrace them and know that you are supported in so many ways (friends, Earth, community, family, angels…).

Gemini energy loves to get out and play. Do yourself a favor and commit to having fun on Wednesday (in a responsible way though because full moon energy can sometimes be a doozy).

Together we are embarking on an exciting journey; and it’s impossible to understand exactly where we are headed at this point. It’s better to trust and know it’s going to be good. Dwell in a space of anticipation versus expectation. Get pumped for what’s to come and commit to remembering that it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty; the point is that you can refill it!


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This article is written by Shannon Hugman. Shannon is an artist, astrologer, writer and assistant. She offers personal, relationship and group astrology readings. her curernt rate is $45 for 40 mins or $60 for an hour. You can email her at hugman.shannon@gmail.com to schedule a reading and find out how this full moon impacts your personally. Also check her out on Facebook, Instagram and at www.shannonhugman.com



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