Full Moon Super Moon January 1 2018 Happy New Year!

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Full Moon Super Moon January 1 2018 Happy New Year!

2018 is diving into the energies like a lion with this super moon at 11 degrees, and in an 11 year, we are seeing the intention from the universe for us to step into our mastery… but there is great healing that is involved in this process.

The sabian symbol for the full moon reminds us of the energy of deconditioning.. which I think will be a process we are undergoing with Saturn in Capricorn over the next 3 years…especially with the eventual meeting of Saturn and Pluto. But start now… with this new year, this portal… into your divine soul path and purpose.

This full moon is part of a grand trine, so an already emotionally charged energy of cancer moon, just packs that much more of a punch as it aligns with Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio. The Mars in Scorpio can tune us into the deep soul motivation, but can also heighten feelings of frustration. Neptune in Pisces brings in that master energy and reminds us that we are currently processing and undoing centuries and lifetimes of karma. If you are emotional and feeling all kinds of things with this energy… this is in part, why.

Uranus is going direct tomorrow, which is also adding an electrical intensity to this energy. Like I said, the universe is turning up the heat so that we tune into our mastery. Remember who you are. 
Happy 2018! Let’s do this!

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take a moment and dedicate it to your mastery!


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