Heather Lee Holt

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Heather Lee Holt

Heather has been in close contact with her wise, benevolent and kind Healing Guides since she was a child. Prior to coming out to the public to offer her Healing Therapies and Psychic Readings in January of 2010, Heather worked in the medical field for several years beginning in 1998 with brain surgeons in Neurosurgery including assisting during surgery at a Level One Trauma Hospital.

Heather’s gifts, talents and abilities include Medical Intuition, strong Intuitive Insight, and Trans-dimensional Healing. Heather’s abilities have been tested with highly accurate results during experiments and tasks involving Remote Viewing, Astral Travel, solving CIA puzzles and successfully finding lost items. Heather not only has the ability to “see” things most people cannot, she actually BECOMES what she is tuning into to find, which makes her an exceptional healer, as she can sense, feel and fully understand what she is perceiving during her Healing work on her clients.

Most recently, Heather’s guides have been revealing to her the most comprehensive, powerful and advanced healing technique, yet. She is proud to have gotten the “green-light” from her Guides to now begin offering this service to the public. This is the subject of a highly anticipated BOOK Heather has been working on with her Guides and she is being told that once the book has been published this Healing will be available to ALL.


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