Horoscope December 22 2015 SUN IN CAPRICORN

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Horoscope December 22 2015 SUN IN CAPRICORN

Horoscope December 22 2015 SUN IN CAPRICORN

Welcome to Capricorn! The Sun shifted into Capricorn at 8:48 pm PST on December 21 bringing in Solstice energy and moving us into the energy of purpose and response-ability. Capricorn brings focus from the Sagittarius energy of infinite possibilities. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the ruler of karma and structure and time. It can feel a bit limiting after the wide expansive exploration of Sagittarius, until you remember that its just reminding you of your response ability to your purpose. In Sagittarius we explore and broaden our horizons from the place of being open and now we narrow our focus again to move in the direction of our purpose! Its a beautiful dance of the universe expressed through our humanness! Capricorn is also an earth sign which helps us buckle down and get to work on bringing in those infinite possibilities that we dreamed. Helping the Sun in Capricorn, we have the Moon in Taurus helping us see the value in our work…in our response-ability to our purpose! The Moon in Taurus will connect to Venus and Jupiter today helping make our forward momentum physical! The Moon shifts later in the day into Gemini which can go either way depending on which twin you choose to follow 😉 There is the energy of the mind that wants everything to get done on time, or there is connection and fun. You get to decide…. We dove in a lil deeper into that in GPS this week so be sure to check that out! Welcome to Capricorn 😉 Namaste!

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GPS! Check out the cards for Sun in capricorn the Solstice and Moon in Gemini!


take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

Capricorn Sea Goat

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