Horoscope November 22 2017 Neptune Direct

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Horoscope November 22 2017 Neptune Direct

Astrological Vibrations November 22 2017 SUN IN SAGITTARIUS! Neptune Direct, Moon in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto, Moon Sextile Venus, Moon Square Mars

Sagittarius season has begun! That being said, today we are at 0 degree energy and 0 means 0… 0 energy brings in transformation and it is a day to adjust to this energy. I think the energy mantra for today definitely bridges the Scorpio/Sagittarius energies. “I KNOW the power of light to transmutate.” I had to look up if transmutate was a word .. it is a verb that means, “to convert one element into another by bombarding it with alpha particles or neutrons.” Like I mentioned yesterday, the Scorpio to Sagittarius process is definitely one with deep alchemical undertones… and this Sagittarius season will require that as we have Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, spending the next year in Scorpio. There will also be another layer of intensity added to Sagittarius season because we do have Saturn in Sagittarius finishing up this almost 3 year process, within the next month. Holy Batman people! That being said.. the Sun in Sagittarius is quiet today.. making no connections, just helping us adjust to the infusion of light and adventure that has been fed into the energy!

What is popping today is Neptune.. going direct! Think back to 5 months ago, June 16.. What came up for you through this time? What are the karmic connections to what came up? There may not be too much you need to know or do with Neptune going direct, but do be aware that karmic energies have been shifted and your work may be to bless and let go! We talked A LOT about that in GPS this week so check that out!

Moon in Capricorn is the one giving up the major work through the day. Moon will connect with Pluto… Showing up for your personal transformation process.. I highly advise the transmutate process above for whatever is showing up for you. Moon Sextile Venus and Square Mars.. Now this is interesting. I think there is another layer of yang healing going on, so that we can show up and follow up on the passion rising energy. There may need to be some emotional processing that goes along with this process.. But the yin is not completely activating her talents or worth, and that is because the yin needs the strength and the follow through of the yang energy. Notice what comes up for you around this..

The cards were soo cool.. Moment to moment. how many times did I say that in GPS yesterday? This is going to be expansion into unknown territory. Don’t let that throw you off your game.. you don’t have to know, to trust that you are on the right path. And… in the end, Choose love, no matter what.

ps. I know I said I would go through sign by sign.. but be watching out later today (wednesday) because Niki and I are going to go live and go through Sun in Sagittarius sign by sign!

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