January 16 2016 Energy of the Day

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January 16 2016 Energy of the Day

Horoscope January 16 2016

The astro for today has the Moon in Aries and like yesterday, the Moon has some great connections of ease and some connections that will show us our resistance. I think one of the things to note is that its not the universe causing resistance… Any resistance that comes is in response to something that is going on within us. Its part of our process of growth, which is flowing today! Finishing up Sun in Capricorn is letting us flower into our purpose. The Moon is feeding into the energy helping us take the action that is needed, but Mercury retrograde may be reminding us of all the reasons we think that we can’t do it. There’s kind of a push and a pull today… the desire to flower and over and yet the desire to close and be safe. Expansion starts within. Ask your guides to show you where and show you how! Moon in Taurus shifting in the evening will bring some good fertility to the final days of Sun in Capricorn. Be present in your process! More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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GPS Moon in Aries Moon in Taurus!


take a moment and dedicate it to peace (and blooming) BoundlessnessInBloom_bc

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