January 18 2016 Energy of the Day

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January 18 2016 Energy of the Day

Horoscope January 18 2016

We are close to finishing up Sun in Capricorn… down to the 2 last full days of Cappie energy and helping that today is Moon in Taurus helping the earth signs make a grand trine in Earth. This is productive energy… you may feel the pressure or the urge to get it all done. You may also be still feeling the desire energy calling your name. That’s a part of it. Don’t sacrifice one for the other… the message (through song) that kept coming through as I was looking at the astro was that, “You can have it all.” And sometimes you get that all through not moving. You know what your production process will be today. If you can not fight it… and just be it, it will flow. Mercury retrograde is connecting to Chiron bringing some healing to the mind which is so important in this process as the mind can be one of our greatest assets or hinderances. Moon in Taurus is reaffirming the value of you honoring your process while Jupiter in Virgo has some body messages that will help keep you on track! More in the video below! Namaste!

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You can have it all…


take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3


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