January 19 2016 Energy of the Day Last Day of Sun in Capricorn

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January 19 2016 Energy of the Day Last Day of Sun in Capricorn

Horoscope January 19 2016

The astro for today has us finishing up our final full day of Sun in Capricorn for this year… although we still will be working through some Capricorn energy with Pluto and Mercury still working through the sign. The sun will be working through the final, master degree of Capricorn. This is the energy of really embodying and mastering the physical manifestation of life…the Sun will work through non physical energies in Aquarius and Pisces so this is a great opportunity to notice, tune into and show up as response-able for your physical. Moon in Gemini may bring the attention to the shoulds that can come with Capricorn energy but you can also use it to bring focus to what and how you want to manifest your physical energy. Moon in Gemini will connect to Neptune and Saturn today reminding us two big pieces are allowing spirit to help with this process, and then actually showing up and being open to how to move forward! Happy Last day of Capricorn! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3



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