January 2 2016 Energy of the Day Last Day Of Mars in Libra

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January 2 2016 Energy of the Day Last Day Of Mars in Libra

Horoscope January 2 2016 Last Day of Mars in Libra

The astro for today has the Moon continuing in Libra connecting to Pluto and Uranus in a T-square, so we are diving head first into the lessons. Changes are happening but with this connection, it may feel as though its too slow or too much too soon, or just overwhelming. Come back into the balance of being present in the now. Mars finishing up in Libra is SO interesting because its an amazing opportunity to make peace with your passion and how you want to take action this year and again, being present and ok with where you are at right now on the path. Mars in Scorpio kicks the passion desire drive up a notch, so a foundation of that peace and balance will help. Mercury is at 0 degrees today, so mind energy may feel a lil wonk… I definitely experienced that recording the horoscope 😉 The Sun and Saturn at 11 degrees bring healing to any rough edges of the day… More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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