January 20 2015 Energy of the Day NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS

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Horoscope January 20 2015: New Moon in Aquarius Sun in Aquarius

The astro for today opens to the Sun and the Moon shifting into Aquarius and bringing on a New Moon at 5:14 AM PST. Aquarius is an air sign and takes us into the highest octave of the mind and connection to intelligent energy. Aquarius is also a time of tuning into the non-physical and bring it on into the physical level. With the New Moon today, we always have a chance to set intention to manifest but I believe even more than focusing on the physical, Aquarius aspires us to focus intention on experience, ideas and connection. We are also heading into Mercury Retrograde tomorrow so we are preparing to return within. Tune within as you set intentions for this month! Lots more in the horoscope below! Also check out your Sun and Rising sign Horoscope in the Aquarius playlist below for more guidance to this Aquarius energy! Namaste!



Aquarius Horoscope All Signs


take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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