January 23 2016 Energy of the Day FULL MOON IN LEO Venus in Capricorn

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January 23 2016 Energy of the Day FULL MOON IN LEO Venus in Capricorn

Horoscope January 23 2016 Full Moon in Leo Venus in Capricorn

The astro today starts quiet with the Moon finishing up in Cancer but the quiet shifts with the Moon shifting into Leo and Venus into Capricorn in the afternoon. Moon in Leo is a call to the inner child, and with the Moon reaching her full point at 3 degrees, the universe is telling you, throw your age out the window and act your shoe size 😉 The spirit of has come to shift and help expand your present vibrational reality. The beautiful thing about the inner child is that we just remembered the energy of nurturing with Moon in Cancer, and now in Leo, after feeling fully nurtured and supported, we can step up into our full creativity, joy, light and love. If you aren’t feeling that way, this energy is an opportunity to look at and release that which holds you back from your creativity and its authentic expression through your being. So many of us have careless words spoken by those who didn’t know better in our childhood still hanging on and holding back the creative tides. The combo of Aquarius and Leo makes letting go and stepping into personal expression a bit of an easier step, so see how you can work with this energy, not to mention that one of the skills of the Full Moon energy is that of release as the Moon stirs up the tides within! Venus in Capricorn brings an interesting element to this Full Moon. Venus in Capricorn is very interesting and the cards I pulled were so perfect. I believe that Capricorn is the sign where we really learn how to show up in the physical, to work towards the manifestation of our highest potential. We take Venus, the planet of value, worth, love, beauty and relationships and together they are asking us how we are participating in manifesting those dreams. If you want more beauty in your life, how are you cultivating it? Do you notice the beauty around you? If you want a better relationship, how are you showing up in relationship with yourself. The card participate, is reminding us to take active part in bringing on the energy of Venus in our lives. Your destiny is possible, but over these next few weeks of Venus in Capricorn, you get to work! I think this is also beautiful timing with the Moon in Leo which brings an element of romance to the forefront as well. The romance is possible… but you gotta stoke the fires to keep it burning, If you show up, life will show up for you too. Jupiter conjunct North Node is reminding us again that there is an element of destiny going on right now. Be present for the magic that is presenting itself! I am reminded of one of my favorite Rumi verses, “Roar lion of the heart and tear me open.” More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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GPS: Check out what we said for this full moon in leo!



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