January 3 2016 Energy of the Day MARS IN SCORPIO

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January 3 2016 Energy of the Day MARS IN SCORPIO

Horoscope January 3 2016 MARS IN SCORPIO

The astro for today is setting us up for some of our biggest work and lessons of 2016. Mars, the planet of action, aggression, power, passion, desire and motivation is moving into Scorpio. Mars is right at home in Scorpio but it can bring up intensity in us as we work through it. We made peace with our desire and passions with Mars in Libra and now that drive is kicked up to another level. Attaining, reaching, achieving the stated desires can feel like life or death with Mars in Scorpio. Cultivate the awareness in yourself that as you are eternal energy, there is no life or death, only transformation and in that, you have the power through this transit to reach your desires through your own inner phoenix work. Address the life or death feeling by looking at your root chakra and connecting and affirming your connection to the Earth Mother that is your support while on this planet. Ask yourself, “What is my motivation?” and let that energy carry you for the highest good of yourself and others. Desire is part of honoring our sacred soul path, but its not at the expanse of another, or another’s free will. The power aspect of Mars and Scorpio together can shift into an energy of manipulation because the desire is so intense so be really aware of your motivation. Moon in Scorpio helps give us a preview of the next 3 months of Mars in Scorpio as well as 3 months later when Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio. Mercury, newly in Aquarius is squaring the Moon and Mars, showing us how our mind may be one of our biggest obstacles in moving into our desire! I feel like as I am writing this, the word desire can be triggering, because many of us have been taught that desire is the root of suffering… but its linked deeply to our path and has many important lessons for us, as well as the lesson of non-attachment, allowing, and honoring the flow of the universe! Whew! The second part of the day is Revolution evolution day, so triggers may come up… Be present with yourself and your process… its all part of your personal evolution! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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  1. Thank you for the heads up about Mars going through Scorpio. I will concentrate on staying grounded and working with the truth of transformation . Mars will be conjuncting my natal South Node which is conjunct my natal Mercury. Around 19degrees Scorpio I will experience my Mars Return. My natal Mars is conjunct my natal Chiron….Your information is well-timed . Thank you for helping me to pay attention .


    • Wow! That is definitely going to be an interesting transit! I have my Mercury, Vertex and Urania right there at 18 degrees and then Uranus at 23 so its definitely going to be interesting for me too! Thank you for the comment!
      Love light and rainbows! Mimi

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